1. What does "Plebbin" mean?

Plebbin is our term for "Stacking Sats in a Peer 2 Peer Way". In regular english this means that you want to make some money, by interacting directly from person to person.
Plebbin is all about helping you to make money, wherever you are.

2. What are "sats"?

We already have the lingua franca English for communication, so we are using the denaro franca Bitcoin as our currency. But since 1 ₿ (Bitcoin) is pretty valuable, we are using the smallest fraction of Bitcoin called Sats.
1 ₿ = 1.00000000 sats
1 sats = 0.00000001 ₿

3. What can I do here?

You can post the following listings:
- Selling/Buying: Get rid of your old jacket, car, toys etc.
- Renting: Rent your vacation home/apartment and accept reservations through Plebbin.
- Classes: Teach other people valuable skills or sports and use our reservation system to set up your hours.
- Services: e.g. You're a barber shop and want to make appointments with your potential customers. So you use our reservation system to make it happen.
and more!

4. Can potential customers pay for services here?

No. Plebbin only provides reservations which are free of charge. We never handle any money for either side. Please clear payment with the offerer/customer.

5. Do you offer an escrow service?

No. Please refer to the rating of the user to make a judgement or meet in person.

6. So is Plebbin free to use?

Yes. You don't need to pay anything to use our site, but you can only post 1 listing per 30 days and your profile will be marked with a "FREE" tag.
To keep our site free of bots, we introduced Membership Groups so you can easily prove you're not a bot.

7. What Membership Groups are available?

PLEB: Become a Pleb for 21 sats. That's about  0.0025€/$ (yes, a quarter cent!). It proves to us that you are not a bot since you are able to use Bitcoin. For this small amount, you get a special "PLEB" Tag, so everyone can see that you are not a bot and you can also post 21 listings per 30 days.

POWER USER: Same as PLEB, but you can post 42 listings per 30 days. You additionally get a 21% Discount on the publishing fee for our Special Categories and Promotions. Please see the current price for this membership in your account.

BUSINESS: Same as POWER USER, but you also get a special Business Profile, where you can show of your services better.
This membership group is only for real companies that can provide one of the following verifications:
- EU-Companies: EU VAT-ID
- NON-EU-Companies: Proof of Business
All Business accounts are verified by our staff before being activated. There are no refunds if you can't provide the verification.
Business verification can take up to 3 business days.
Please see the current price for this membership in your account.

8. What if I want to post more than my available listings quota?

You can pay for a Premium listing or upgrade your membership.

9. What are special categories?

The following Categories (including their sub-categories) have a publishing fee to keep Plebbin free of potential trouble makers. In return, however, the listings are longer active instead of the standard 30 days.
- Real Estate (listings expire after 365 days)
- Vacation Rentals (listings expire after 365 days)
- Classes & Courses (listings expire after 365 days)
- Vehicles (excluding accessories, parts, tires and bicycles. Listings expire after 90 days)
- Events (listings expire after 365 days)
- Services (listings expire after 365 days)
Since prices vary, please check the prices when posting your listing.

10. Can I just post everything here?

No, these are our absolute No-Go's:
- Anything Illegal
- Drugs including Alcohol
- Weapons
- Adult Services of any kind (Erotica)
- Dating
- Offers to provide cryptocurrency exchange services
- Living Animals

11. I can only choose Bitcoin as payment for memberships and promotions? Can I also pay in Fiat (€, $ etc.)?

Yes you can also pay for your membership on ShopinBit.com by clicking here. Please provide your E-Mail that you used for Plebbin in the order comments so we can correctly add it here.
Please keep in mind that the prices are higher for Fiat payments, since the Payment service providers like Paypal etc. take hefty fees for their "services".
This process can take up to 2 business days.

12. Where can I get support?

Please use our contact form at the bottom of this page. We will answer within 3 business days to all inquiries.

Do you have more questions? Contact us
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