New function: AI-generated listings! (April Fools)

Let our AI create listings for you! Earn money even faster without thinking for yourself!

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1. Apr 2023
New function: AI-generated listings! (April Fools)

Dear Plebs,

the free market is very hard, annoying and exhausting and we want you to make money even faster. That's why we're introducing our new feature: AI-generated listings!
Here's how it works:

We decide what you can sell, buy, teach or rent on #plebbin. With our proprietary technology "Matrixes Allocating Resources Xhantippe", our AI will always post and also buy the right products and services for you.
You no longer have to think about what you have to sell, our AI automatically knows what you no longer need. After our extensive beta testing, it is now ready for launch. If our AI wants to sell your kids, that's a well thought out feature and not a bug!

Have you thought about teaching others the basics of economics? Not at all comrade, because our AI makes sure that everyone has the perfect amount of money that we have set. The only thing you need to learn is: Eat. Pray. Obey.
The surplus money will be made available to us: The League of Economic Nihilists in Neverland (L.E.N.I.N for short). We will use the money to build environmentally conscious mansions bigger than the Taj Mahal, socially diverse orgies and an excessive government apparatus so you can feel our boot on your neck at all times.

Also, no more funny pictures: all pictures must always be coloured red and have at least one picture of Lenin and Marx.

I hope you understand that these changes are necessary to make a better world for all of us, but not for you specifically.


#joke #fun #satire


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