Pleb Referral Contest - Win up to 4 Million Sats in prizes!

Get all the Plebs on board and win huge prizes!

6. Apr 2023
Pleb Referral Contest - Win up to 4 Million Sats in prizes!


And the winners are:

1. George Saoulidis
2. Udoka Michael
3. Malte
4. Copiaro
5. Sebastion Holter
6. Surfer6310
7. perennial_Haru
8. MrEverybody
9. Vulcan21com
10. Go Brrr
11. Stan Sto
12. wolpertinger
13. Franco Cimatti
14. Vulcan21com
15. onleines
16. Bitwear
17. JesterHodl
18. Bitcoin 007
19. Lea
20. Tim Nachhilfe
21. BlackCat
22. Juha Mieto
23. Denis
24. Alexander Bachmann
25. Alex

You'll receive an E-Mail with further instructions, so please check your spam folder!

Congratulations to the Winners! You rock! Our next contest will commence in May :D


Hello fellow Pleb,

we want to kickstart the Bitcoin circular economy and need your help to do it. That's why we are doing our first Pleb Referral Contest!

You might have seen in your dashboard that there is a referral link for you to share. Use this link to onboard as many Plebs on PLEBBIN as possible. But don't do it just for the lolz, win BIG. - Europe's biggest Bitcoin Store - has sponsored the prizes and they are as follows:

1st Place: a 250€ Voucher for which can be used for all 800.000 Products, their Concierge Service (it get's you anything, worldwide) and their Travel Hacking Service. You also get a PLEBBIN T-Shirt!
2nd Place: a 100€ Voucher for and a PLEBBIN T-Shirt.
3rd Place: a 50€ Voucher for and a PLEBBIN T-Shirt.
4th - 25th Place: a PLEBBIN T-Shirt.

To win you have to get the most people to sign up with a new account until the 21st April 23:59 CET. We will announce the winner here and on our social medias.

To make it even more worthwile for you and to celebrate easter, for every referral you make you get 10x the Plebbin-Credits. That means, if you invite a friend you BOTH get 2100 Sats instead of the usual 210 sats in Plebbin-Credit!
This special deal is only valid until Sunday 9th April 23:59 CET.

So what are you waiting for, grab your link from your dashboard and share it like there's no tomorrow. There is money to be made and sats to be stacked ;)




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