Automatic price conversion - new feature!

Let even your granny simply #plebbin, because we now convert everything. From BTC/Sats to 104 FIAT currencies and vice versa!

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19. Apr 2023
Automatic price conversion - new feature!

Dear Plebs,

We have finally implemented your most requested feature: Automatic conversion of prices! We support a total of 104 (fiat) currencies which covers almost all countries in the world.

The automatic price conversion works in two directions:

1. FIAT -> BTC/Sats

If you enter the price of your listing in a fiat currency e.g. the US Dollar $, we will automatically convert it for you. If the amount is less than 0.01 BTC, it will be issued in Sats. Anything above that will remain in BTC.

2. BTC/Sats -> Fiat

When you enter the price of your listing in Bitcoin or Sats, it will be converted to US Dollar $ by default. However, if you specify at least your country in your user profile under My Profile, then all Bitcoin amounts will be converted to the local currency. So in Poland in zl, in Germany in € and in Armenia in Armenian Dram Դ . So even your grandmothers can stack sats on plebbin without pulling out the calculator.

So now it's time for you:

  1. Visit your granny
  2. .
  3. Set up a Bitcoin wallet
  4. .
  5. Set up an account on Plebbin
  6. .
  7. and use your Plebbin referral link found here

Have fun as you continue #plebbin



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